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At Servis Group, we are proud to provide a value added service for our customers. As a member or our insurance claim team, Servis Group provides you with professional insurance adjusting services to help you navigate processing insurance claims for your business.

A team of experts with nearly 100 years of expertise helps property owners get the money they’re entitled to!

There is an old saying that goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” This holds especially true when it comes to handling an insurance claim after a fire, broken pipe, or natural disaster damages your commercial property or business. While most business owners have commercial property insurance, a majority do not understand the details of their insurance policy or the requirements that are placed on an insured in the event of a loss. Many people believe the insurance claims process is as easy and straightforward as calling your insurance company and reporting a claim. However, this could not be further from the truth! In reality, reporting a claim is the first step in a series of requirements that the insured must take to get all of the money they deserve. Most insurance policies have sections that obligate the insured to tell the insurance company exactly what their damaged building, business property and/or business interruption claims are worth. To properly do so would require expertise in a number of skill sets, including but not limited to: reconstruction costs and building estimation, inventory/contents research and pricing, forensic accounting and insurance claim and vendor management. While the insurance company appoints you an “insurance adjuster” who possesses these skill sets, the adjuster works for the insurance company and has its best interests at heart. So the question becomes: Who is looking out for the best interests of the insured? Simply put, Globe Servis Group Adjusters International (“Globe”).

Who Is Globe Servis Group and Why It Matters

Founded in 1924, Globe is one of the nation’s oldest and largest public adjustment firms in the country. As licensed public adjusters, Globe exclusively represents property and business owners during the insurance claim process to ensure they receive fair and just insurance settlements. Globe professionals have expertise in:

  • Understanding and dissecting insurance policies and the requirements placed on property/business owners after a reporting claim
  • Evaluating and estimating the property damage and loss of income associated with a claim
  • Preparing a detailed insurance claim package and negotiating directly with the insurance company’s adjuster on behalf of the property/business

By providing a team of professionals that take control of the claims process, Globe ensures that each claim is settled professionally and as quickly as possible. At the same time, Globe’s client collecting the maximum benefit their policy entitles them to. Since its inception, Globe has successfully represented over 15,000 property and business owners and recovered more than $2 billion in insurance settlements on behalf of its clients. For more information about how Globe can successfully handle you insurance claim, call or contact us today.

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