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Midwest Carpet Cleaning

Streamline your maintenance tasks with the team at Servis Group by your side. We maintain an unwavering passion for supplying our customers with industry-leading services that can adapt and scale with their needs. 

Our team has partnered with the dedicated group of professionals at Midwest Carpet Cleaning to continue our mission of being the go-to facilities management and cleaning provider for organizations across the United States. With this carpet cleaning expertise, you can count on Servis Group to deliver exceptional quality you won’t find anywhere else. 

Premium Carpet Care From Midwest Carpet Cleaning

Midwest Carpet Cleaning grew from a single-truck operation to one of the largest, most sought-after carpet cleaning organizations in the Michigan and northern Ohio regions. Today, as a part of Servis Group, they continue to provide unrivaled value to over 1,000 satisfied commercial customers, ranging from restaurants to office buildings. 

The Midwest Carpet Cleaning team takes an end-to-end approach to handling projects, offering a meticulous process including pre-treatment, power scrubbing, steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Regardless of your situation, they’re ready to restore your floors to their best condition. 

This popular company’s claim to fame is its innovative Hydrology® solution, boasting a water-based, chemical-free design that leaves carpets looking better than ever. With this innovative solution and cutting-edge equipment, their experienced professionals deliver comprehensive cleaning services. 

Midwest Carpet Cleaning can effectively address odors, dirt and stains to extend a floor’s life while decreasing the risk of replacements. The company takes its carpet offerings a step further by also addressing your concerns regarding all the hard surfaces, upholstery and fabrics in your space. 

Trust Servis Group for Impressive Carpet Cleaning

Servis Group is a premier facilities management organization that provides high-quality services you can trust. We have over 20 years of industry experience working with businesses of all shapes and sizes, enabling our team to adjust our solutions to meet the demands of your project. We leverage top-of-the-line technology and tools to create a clean, comfortable space that meets all health codes and building regulations.

Working with Midwest Carpet Cleaning has deepened our commitment to providing expert cleaning and facility management services. We have greater capability to ease your responsibilities as a property owner, giving you more time to focus on the areas of your business that drive growth and increase your profitability. Servis Group is ready to become your lasting partner.

steaming building carpet

Reach Out to Our Team for More Information

Our team at Servis Group has helped us become one of the finest cleaning and maintenance specialists in the industry. We’re devoted to providing our customers with exceptional support services to ensure their property is taken care of and their focus remains on the more important aspects of their business. We’ve expanded our reach over the years to provide dependable solutions to customers of all sizes in any location around the United States. 

Whether you’re interested in our commercial cleaning capabilities or comprehensive management solutions, we can’t wait to get started. Get in touch with our team online to learn more about how our service has improved since we partnered with Midwest Carpet Cleaning and schedule your initial appointment today.