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From the moment your future renters step into your clubhouse to viewing your apartments to right before they fill out the application, they are making snap judgements that could make or break their decision to rent in your community. Having clean, fresh, and unstained carpets in your lobby, hallways, and units shows your potential tenants that their new home will be well taken care of and maintained. At Servis Group, our apartment carpet cleaning services are powered by Hydrology®, giving you a deeper, more comprehensive clean. Our technology safely, and effectively, removes dirt, stains, and left behind odors to ensure your carpets mare cleaner, enhancing the look of your apartment community.

large apartment complex
  • Pre-Treatment: Our experienced crews will assess the needs of your carpet to ensure we utilize the right pre-treatments for your individual needs. Once our assessment is complete, we utilize a powerful, soil release solution to break down the dirt, grease, and stains that have built up in your carpet’s fibers. During our pre-treatment process, we will also apply a specialized stain removers, enzymes for pet urine, or other individualized treatments. Because we use pure water during our pre-treatment process, no residue is left behind on your surfaces.
  • Power Scrubbing: Once your pre-treatment solutions have been applied to your carpets, upholstery, stairs, and other surfaces, we use a powerful Roto-Vac to scrub your carpets. This equipment attacks stains, dirt, and allergens by scrubbing in a circular motion to remove the contaminants without damaging your flooring.
  • Steam Cleaning: Our steam cleaning equipment provides you with the most effective and efficient method for deep cleaning your carpets. Our equipment is powered by Hydrology®, giving you the deepest clean without the need for harsh chemicals or dirt-attracting soaps. Our team of experts is backed by industry-leading technology and methods. Depending on the size and layout of your community, our flexible fleet of trucks will either utilize an industrial-grade truck mounted system, which has a self-contained clean water tank and a separate dirty water collection tank, or, for high rise buildings, our a high-pressure portable system that ensures each floor receives the same comprehensive, dependable clean.

Fast, effective apartment turnover is imperative to the success of your community. Replacing undamaged carpet between each tenant is time consuming and expensive; with comprehensive apartment carpet cleaning services you reduce the time, effort, and money that comes with new carpet while ensuring your flooring looks like-new.

Leave your potential renters with a positive first impression with comprehensive apartment carpet cleaning services from Servis Group. Call or today to schedule your services.

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