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Flooring is one of the first things customers see when they enter your facility, so it’s essential that you make a good first impression. Wear marks, road salt, stains, and more can cause your building’s carpet to look lackluster and unprofessional. As a part of Servis’s family of businesses, Servis Group partners with Servis Group Carpet to bring you professional carpet cleaning services that you can trust. We are proud to assist businesses in Michigan with all of their carpet cleaning needs.

Our experienced carpet cleaning teams utilize only the highest quality equipment and materials to provide you with comprehensive, dependable commercial carpet cleaning services. Replacing carpets throughout your office building is incredibly expensive and time consuming. With regular professional carpet cleaning, disinfecting, and stain removal, you can bring your dirty carpets back to life.

  • Carpet Cleaning Schedules: our experts recommend a regularly scheduled carpet cleaning at least every 12 months. Our experienced teams use state-of-the-art, industrial strength materials and equipment to keep your carpets in pristine condition and extend their lifespans. We also offer speciality treatments including scotchgard protection, deodorizing, and sanitization.
  • Carpet Disinfecting: Our skilled team has years of industry experience to provide you with efficient carpet sanitzation services. We use Hydrology® chemical free carpet cleaning to provide a deep, enhanced clean. Using this cost-effective cleaning technology, you will have sterile carpet that stays fresher, longer.
  • Carpet Stain Removal: Commercial buildings experience high foot traffic from employees, clients, and visitors, making carpets susceptible to a wide array of stains. Trust our commercial technicians to revitalize your carpets, restoring them to their original condition even when the stains seem insurmountable.
  • Complete Commercial Floor Cleaning: We don’t just clean carpets! From bathrooms to kitchens to office spaces, your building has a wide variety of flooring materials. Servis Group has the equipment and the expertise to professionally clean a wide variety of surfaces including hardwood, concrete, tile, stone, and more.

Why You Need Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets likely cover much of your commercial space, so keeping them clean matters. Clean carpets provide a better first impression and prevent the buildup of harmful substances like mold in your building. Here are a few main reasons to seek commercial carpet cleaning services:

  • Appearance: Stains and dirt can detract from the look of your office space, making it look older. Clean carpets make your office space more inviting and professional. 
  • Health: Carpet fibers can hold dust, mold and other particles that decrease the air quality. Cleaning your carpets creates a better environment, keeping your employees healthier.
  • Savings: New carpet is a significant investment. Regular cleanings mean you can keep your flooring in better condition and wait longer between replacing it.
  • Convenience: When you call a professional carpet cleaning business, they will clean during downtime after work or on weekends to keep you from wet carpets or lost productivity.

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Time is money for your business. Disrupting your office in order to accommodate your carpet cleaning services diminishes the effectiveness and productivity of your business. At Servis Group, our customers are our top priority. We provide you flexible scheduling times 24/7 ensuring you have the clean, sanitized carpets you need at a time that works best for you.

Keep your carpets clean and sanitized with dependable carpet cleaning services from Servis Group. 

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