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From spills to burns to stains, when a small portion of your carpet is beyond repair, professional carpet patches can be used to replace the damaged area, saving you money on expensive complete carpet replacements. At Servis Group, our team utilizes years of experience and the highest quality equipment to expertly match, cut, and patch your carpet to ensure a seamless transition. With our carpet patching services, we will remove the damaged flooring and replace it with a seamless carpet patch, making your carpet look like new.

carpet patching
  • Cost-Effective: Replacing an entire room of carpeting is not only time consuming, it is expensive. With a carpet patch, you are able to replace only the damaged area, providing you with a cost-effective and affordable solution.
  • Timely & Friendly Service: Here at Servis Group, we are proud to deliver high quality service in a timely and professional matter. From moving all necessary furniture to cleaning up following our services, your home is left cleaner than when we started.
  • Invisible Finish: Our skilled technicians blend all carpet seams and edges for a smooth finish that makes your carpet look new again.

As your trusted carpet expert, our team first evaluates your carpet, the damaged area, and the fibers to determine if a carpet patch will be the most effective treatment option. Once we have created our plan of action, we utilize a sample or donor piece of carpet to replace the stained, burned, or soiled section ensuring an ideal match. Once the patch has been put in place, we create a seamless, smooth finish, ensuring the patch is invisible to the naked eye, saving you on costly carpet replacements.

Don’t let a burn, hole, or stain ruin the aesthetic of your home, call or contact us today to schedule your carpet patch appointment.

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