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Since your carpet is a high-traffic surface, it can become damaged and lose its luster over time. Not only can a damaged carpet be unsightly, it can also be dangerous if not properly repaired. At Servis Group, our professional carpet repair services utilize high quality equipment and technologies to properly restore your flooring, extending the life of your carpet. Our certified and knowledgeable technicians aim to repair your carpet back to its original condition without having to completely replace it, saving you time and money.

tools for carpet repair

Whether your carpet has burns, holes, wrinkles, permanent stains, or other damage, we have the skills and the experience to provide you with professional, comprehensive carpet repair services. We analyze your carpet, fibers, and tracks to determine the most effective treatment for your flooring, restoring it to like new condition and saving you on costly replacements.

If your carpets have been damaged, return them to like new condition with professional carpet repair services from Servis Group. Call or contact us today to get your carpets repaired.

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