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Your industry relies on your electricity. When you experience an electrical failure or outage it can halt production, cause data loss, and could result in the loss of profits. Our licensed electricians are available day or night, bringing you electrical repair solutions that you can depend on.

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Some of the electrical services we offer include:

  • Partial Outages: Losing power to any section of your building could mean loss of pertinent data and production. Whether you have lost power to your entire building or only a section, our certified electricians will assess, repair, and restore your energy, getting you back to work.
  • Dead Outlets: From a tripped breaker to a more serious electrical issue, when your outlets stop working it’s imperative for the safety of your employees and customers to have a trained professional assess the issue and restore your outlet.
  • Breaker Malfunctions: Your breakers work hard to keep your building safe; however, when they malfunction you could be at risk for power outage or fire. Our team of experts troubleshoot your fuses to determine what is causing them to malfunction or trip, repair or replace the breaker, and test to ensure safety and function.
  • Light Fixture Issues: Whether your light fixture needs bulb replacement, is flickering, or is malfunctioning, having a certified electrician safely and effectively complete your electrical repair ensures your light fixture will function properly while maintaining a safe and productive work environment.
  • Wire Pulling: For your company to operate at peak performance, your employees need readily available access to phone systems, internet, and more. Our electricians work with your building’s layout to ensure the right wires are pulled in order to provide the right access to your technology.
  • Low Voltage: Telephone wires, security system cabling, Cap 5, Cap 6, and more require a low voltage professional to safely and effectively install and run your necessary cabling.
  • And More

Electrical repairs can be needed at any time, day or night. When you experience an issue with your electricity, wiring, or light fixtures our team of experienced electricians are able and can be easily dispatched with a single phone call to Servis Group.

Signs You May Need Electrical Repair Services

While flickering lights are one of the most common signs of needing commercial electrical services, there are some more subtle indicators that you may benefit from having a professional technician perform electrical services or repairs:

  • Frayed wires: High heat, deterioration and damage from mice and pests can cause your wires to fray. Since frayed wires can cause a fire, you should have a technician inspect your wires and perform repairs as soon as possible.
  • Tripping breakers: Circuit breakers protect your entire property from large electrical surges. However, frequently tripping breakers may indicate a more significant electrical issue and require commercial electrician services.
  • Fading lights: If your lights dim or fade when you start another appliance, you may have an issue with the wiring or circuitry, which requires a trained electrician.
  • Burning odor: When a circuit shorts, it results in a slight burning odor. This phenomenon requires attention, as it may indicate that a wire or circuit is close to overheating. If this smell worsens or occurs with sparks and smoke, notify emergency services immediately.
  • Buzzing noise: Similarly to a burning smell, a buzzing sound is a cause for immediate concern, as it may mean your wiring is deteriorating. Popping and sizzling noises are also indicators for alarm, so avoid plugging anything into outlets while you wait for an electrician to arrive.
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Why Customers Choose Servis Group for Their Electrical Repair Needs

With over two decades of industry experience in electrical repair, Servis Group is your go-to resource when you want the job done right. Many of our commercial electricians have experience solving electrical issues for various commercial buildings and will use their expertise to develop effective solutions for your specific electrical concerns.

In addition to our experience, we constantly strive to improve our company, so we often have our electricians undergo training and recertification opportunities. With our commercial electricians continually completing ongoing learning opportunities, they can access the most updated industry knowledge to ensure we offer cutting-edge services for customers.

Part of our commitment to our customers lies in our promise to promote transparency and fairness with each job we perform. As our customer, your safety, security and satisfaction are our highest priorities, and we work to provide consistent results with every job.

Schedule an Appointment With Us for All of Your Maintenance Needs

Whether you need electrical services for a single-story building or a multi-story, multi-building apartment complex, our team is here to handle any job, big or small. We will take the time to understand the exact cause of your electrical issue and offer an accurate and cost-effective solution so you can resume business operations as soon as possible.

Your electrical is fundamental to your business’s success — you need an electrical repair team that you can trust. Call or contact us, at Servis Group, today to schedule.

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