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From furniture repairs to shelf installations, as you continue to conduct your business there will be handyman services that your facility will need in order to operate efficiently and effectively. Let us take on the time and the stress of updating your building, giving you the opportunity to focus on your business. Our light handymen have a wide variety of skills and are backed by years of experience, ensuring your building will receive the proper care and attention.

Reasons You Need Professional Handyman Services

Your paint, decor, lighting, furniture, and flooring contribute to someone’s first impression when they enter your business. It’s best to keep your spaces well-maintained to ensure your company looks as professional as possible. When you hire handyman services, you’ll have peace of mind knowing everything remains visually pleasing and provides high performance. 

There’s no need to have your employees climb on ladders to change a lightbulb or spend valuable time researching how to fix a mark on the wall. When you hire handyman services from Servis Group, we’ll handle all your maintenance-related tasks. We have the knowledge, training, and tools to get the job done correctly and efficiently.

You’ll save time, effort, and expenses when you have experts fix any issues right away. While we take care of your office, your team can continue to focus on their everyday tasks and operations. With increased productivity, you can enjoy achieving all your business goals. 

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Make sure your building has the care and attention that it needs without taking away from your business’s day to day operations with light handyman services from Servis Group. If a larger problem that requires further attention emerges, you will be notified, and one of our licensed electricians, plumbers, or contractors can be dispatched to fix the issue as soon as possible without you needing to make an additional service call.

Our light handyman services keep your building clean, maintained, and properly serviced. Call or contact us today to schedule.

Why Choose Servis Group for Handyman Services?

When you need handyman maintenance services, you can trust Servis Group. We have over two decades of experience and provide our clients with solutions that have many benefits:

  • Dedicated team of experts: Our professionals are certified to provide commercial cleaning and maintenance solutions. We provide services to keep your walls, surfaces, ceilings, floors, HVAC systems, and exterior areas in top shape.
  • Commitment to values: We are dedicated to treating everyone with dignity and respect at all times. Our team makes quality a priority, so you receive the best results for every task, every time.
  • Customized programs: Our handyman services are tailored and we offer flexible scheduling. We can complete our work at any time suiting your business needs.
  • Happy testimonials: We have glowing reviews from clients who appreciate and love our work. Many of our clients find us through referrals from others!
  • Many locations: Our company serves multi-location businesses across the United States. We make it easier to run your franchise with one point of communication for all your required services. 
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Schedule Local Handyman Services for Your Business

Do you need light handyman services for your office, retail establishment, warehouse, medical facility, hotel, education institution, or sports arena? No matter your business, Servis Group can keep your building clean, maintained, and properly serviced. 

To schedule an appointment, contact our team today! We can provide a free, tailored quote for the solutions you need.