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It’s essential that your common areas are fully stocked with all the commercial janitorial supplies you and your employees need to function throughout the workday; however, keeping up with this task is time consuming and may take your staff away from their daily responsibilities. By subcontracting your janitorial supply stocking to Servis Group, you ensure your staff and customers have the janitorial cleaning supplies they need without hassle.

janitorial supplies

Our janitorial equipment and supplies services go above and beyond. When combined with our cleaning services, we create a clean, safe environment for you, your employees, and your customers while ensuring your bathrooms, break rooms, and more will be fully stocked with all the janitorial supplies you need.

These are just a few of the janitorial cleaning supplies we can provide for your facility:

Why Servis Group Over Other Janitorial Supply Companies?

At Servis Group, we understand the importance of keeping your facilities properly stocked and cleaned. When you utilize our janitorial supply services, you save time and money while improving the productivity in your office. We take the time to work with you, scheduling your services to coincide with your product use patterns to ensure you always have a constant supply. As your office grows, or if your stocking needs have changed, we make it easy for your to update or rearrange your supply order.

For consistent, reliable janitorial supply stocking, you can rely on the experts at Servis Group. Call or contact us today to schedule.

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