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Your pets are your family. It’s imperative that the floor that they are walking, playing, and sleeping on is not only comfortable but safe. Standard carpet cleaning solutions utilize harsh chemicals and soaps that leave residues behind, these chemicals get on their paws and can be ingested by your pets. With Hydrology®, you get more than a cleaner carpet, you get a pet friendly carpet cleaning solution. Our system is water based and does not rely on the use of harsh solvents or dirt-attracting soaps to remove tough stains, dirt, or even pet urine from your flooring. Instead, our state-of-the-art cleaner is an alkaline water that penetrates deep into your carpets to remove tough, stubborn stains, leaving your carpets cleaner and safe for your pets.

cat laying on clean carpet

With pets you get lots of love and tracked in dirt. Your dogs and cats spend a lot of time on your carpets, causing a build up of pet dander, hair, dirt, and other stains that can leave your carpets looking dingy. Having our professional team, with the expertise and industry leading equipment, clean and sanitize your flooring is essential for the look and the smell of your home. At Servis Group, we understand how important your pets are to your family, and our proprietary Hydrology® solution provides you with a comprehensive, pet friendly carpet cleaning that is going to revive the look of your carpet, without the use of harsh chemicals.

At Servis Group, we not only provide you with high quality carpet cleaning, our solutions are safe for your animals. Call or contact us today to schedule your pet friendly carpet cleaning services.