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We love our pets like family, but we don’t love the pet urine smell and stains that can sometimes be left behind. Due to the chemical makeup of urine, regular cleaning products do not have the capability to effectively clean and remove the lingering odor. At Servis Group, we don’t just mask the smell, we remove it. Our living enzyme treatment, combined with our proven stain removal methods, is designed to break down the uric acid, leaving your carpets pet stain and odor free.

Whether you have a cat or dog, professional pet urine carpet treatments are essential to not only protect your carpet but to ensure all stains and lingering odor are permanently removed. Our teams utilize our state-of-the-art equipment and highly-effective living enzyme treatment to break apart and remove the stains and odors left behind by your pets urine or feces, including:

  • Uric Acid: This compound adds to the odor in your carpet and has a crystal structure with a low solubility in water. Because of this chemical compound, when you treat the affected area with just soap and water, the uric acid tends to go back to its original form and doesn’t break down. The uric acid can penetrate many layers of the carpet including the fibers, padding, and subfloor. This is why it’s important to receive the proper pet urine treatment.
  • Urea: Although this compound is naturally colorless, odorless, and has high solubility in water, the problem arises with the ammonia that is released as a by-product. This ammonia is the main cause of the foul smelling odor that urine has.
At Servis Group, we believe in tackling the entirety of the problem, not just treating the surface layer or masking the smell. At the moment of arrival, our expert technicians will examine the problem area and determine the best pet urine carpet treatment for your flooring. In order to properly remove all traces of the urine, enzymes must be used to break down the chemical bonds in the uric acid and urea. At Servis Group, we only use a professional-grade, living enzyme treatment to remove all traces of pet urine, leaving you carpets looking, and smelling, brand new.
If your pets have left behind an unsightly mess, contact us right away to schedule a pet urine carpet treatment. We can help save your carpet from permanent damage and save you from costly carpet replacements.