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Apartment Complex Cleaning & Maintenance

Maintaining an apartment complex is easy with the help of Servis Group. While tenants are responsible for their rental properties and immediate areas, the general use areas in a complex can require extra attention from property management in order to keep up the appearance and safety of your facility.

Benefits of Professional Apartment Cleaning Services

Whether you need a cleaning service to get apartments ready for new tenants or want to keep common areas clean, hiring professional cleaners is a powerful way to ensure your apartment complex continues operating at its best. Some additional benefits of investing in apartment cleaning services include:

  • Time savings: By hiring a professional service, you and your employees will have more time to focus on tasks such as administrative duties and responding to maintenance needs. 
  • Cleaning plans tailored to your complex: Since professional cleaning companies have experience with major spills and other cleaning needs, they have the expertise to make a professional cleaning plan for your needs. Professional cleaning services can also accommodate your schedule and come daily, weekly or biweekly to perform routine needs or specialized services.
  • Cost-effective cleaning solutions: Hiring a cleaning service can help your apartment complex save money, as you will not need to purchase, store and maintain supplies and tools.
  • Consistent cleaning results: Professional cleaning services often provide quality checks to ensure their services, such as apartment carpet cleaning, are consistent and keep your space presentable. A consistently clean complex helps new renters and those who use common areas form a positive impression of your apartments while staying healthy and safe.
apartment complex maintenance

Our Apartment Complex Cleaning & Maintenance Services

You can save yourself the time and worry of caring for these general use areas by contracting Servis Group to take care of them for you. We provide general cleaning services, light handyman services, and much more to help you maintain a healthy and safe environment in your apartment complex. Some additional services we offer include:

Why Choose Us for Your Apartment Cleaning Needs?

Since the creation of Servis Group, our goal has been to provide reliable services that our customers and the broader community can trust. We enter all business partnerships with the ultimate transparency and fairness to ensure our customers feel satisfied with our services. Some of the many additional reasons why our customers continually choose us for their janitorial or maintenance needs include:

  • Our decades of experience: With over two decades of industry experience, we have seen it all and will use our expertise to effectively meet your cleaning needs.
  • Many happy customers: Our site has numerous positive testimonials showcasing why our customers choose us for their cleaning needs.
  • Continual learning: We continually strive for improvement, so we have our members routinely complete trainings and other professional development opportunities throughout their careers. This initiative ensures they keep enhancing upon the level of service they offer to clients.
  • Complete transparency: We strive to conduct all business transactions with full transparency. This means you’ll know which services we plan to perform, how long they will take and how much they will cost.
  • Skilled staff: We serve a wide variety of industries, which gives our team the knowledge and skills to handle various janitorial needs effectively.
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Schedule an Appointment for Cleaning Services Today

Whether your apartment complex consists of one building or five, our team is ready to provide expert apartment complex cleaning services. Contact us today to learn more about our apartment complex cleaning and maintenance services.