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Maintaining a clean and safe environment is a top priority in any medical facility. Having a reliable and trustworthy team of professionals to maintain your medical facility is essential. At Servis Group, we provide all of the cleaning and facilities management services you need to keep your medical facility in excellent condition so you, your employees and your patients feel safe and healthy in your space.

clean medical facility

Our services cover everything from floor and general use areas cleaning to plumbing and electrical maintenance, so you can make one simple phone call to get all of the contracted services your facility requires and receive one invoice for the same.

We offer an assortment of medical facility cleaning services, including:

Benefits of Medical Cleaning Services

The benefits of hiring an experienced cleaning team include: 

We Customize Our Health Care Cleaning Services

At Servis Group, we work together as a family to deliver quality, well-coordinated and friendly service. Our team will look after your facility with the utmost care and respect so your staff can focus on providing quality patient care. Because we know that each facility has unique health care cleaning needs, we design our services around your specific requirements. Whatever your goals are, whether you want to reduce costs, ensure compliance or see better cleaning efficiency, we are here to meet them. 

Work in a Pristine Health Care Facility

With an array of health care cleaning services and professional staff, Servis Group is ready to bridge the gap between your needs and outstanding service. Get in touch online or contact us today at (855)-SERVIS-1 and let’s get started on your health care facility cleaning plan.